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What our parents & children say.....

"Activities are varied, and driven by what the children are interested in."

"Cygnets is like dropping your child off with family which is why the children feel so safe and secure.  The support given is not just for the child, they support the whole family when needed."

"Cygnets create a very happy, safe & stimulating learning environment for the children. Staff easily adapted to support my child's special needs."

"‘The setting is smaller than some others around which makes it feel very personalised, welcoming, friendly and supportive."

"‘We can’t believe how the years have gone since you started looking after our two children.  No idea how to thank you for all the care and support you have given all of us!’"

"‘The main strength of Cygnets is yourselves.  Our child’s experience wouldn’t have been the same without you.  He calls you his best friends and although he is very excited for Big School, I think his time spent with you will be sorely missed.  Thank you for all your hard work and help in shaping our son into the young boy he has become!’"

"I know our child will be back in September, but just a huge thank you from us.  There were times at the start when I didn’t know if they’d ever settle, but now Cygnets is their second home.  My child loves you all so much, as do we all.  You’ve been like a family to us, so we can’t wait for our child to have another fabulous year with you guys.  Don’t know what we’d all have done without you at some point"

"I am very grateful for all the hard work you have put into my boys over the last 5 years.  You have helped me through some difficult times and your help has been more appreciated than you will ever know!"

"So much time for parents. Never feel rushed when asking questions, there is always time for discussions. Experience feels personal to each child with different likes/interests and strengths/weaknesses catered for. The range of activities is always varied, keeping children very engaged."

"Thank you for looking after us on Thursdays, we have enjoyed it and are looking forward to coming back in September.  We will miss you!"

"A firm but fair approach to difficult behaviour."

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