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Our Curriculum

Cygnets’ curriculum is built upon the statutory educational programmes and associated seven areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It recognises parents/carers as children’s primary educators and that each child is unique, and as such has individual needs.


We place emphasis on the Prime areas of learning because we believe success in these three areas, lays the foundation for achievement in the Specific areas of learning of the EYFS. Cygnets has recently been rated Ofsted Outstanding in all areas, including quality of education.


Our curriculum is tailored to meet the individual needs, interests and learning styles of the children we care for: we do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ experience in Cygnets. We understand that a child’s early experiences influence their development and future life-successes, and Cygnets’ curriculum takes account of this.


During a child’s journey in Cygnets, our physical and emotional environments, activities, experiences, and opportunities for learning will support and nurture them to:


  • Be positive about themselves, to be confident, resilient and have high self-esteem. They will be capable of forming positive relationships with their peers, and adults too. Children will develop strategies to support their self-regulation, to persevere when challenged and to respect and value others in their community and understand their own place within it. Children are encouraged to be independent and to manage their own personal needs.

  • Be excellent communicators. Numerous high-quality interactions with adults, and opportunities to interact and converse with their peers, will support children’s developing communication skills, including building a rich and broad vocabulary. Activities will encourage children to maintain focus and attention, to listen and engage in social interactions, whilst developing their understanding of their community and the world around them. They will be supported to be confident and to express their views in an age-appropriate way, to be questioning of the world, and others around them.

  • Be knowledgeable about what a healthy, happy lifestyle looks and feels like, and how it affects our physical and emotional well-being. They will understand the importance of gross physical activity and a healthy diet, and the benefits these bring. Age/stage appropriate activities will support the development of children’s fine motor skills to prepare them for early writing and to use a range of tools for a variety of purposes.


We acknowledge individual positive outcomes will look different for each child. However, each child will receive an individual programme of learning and support, to fulfil their potential through adults identifying their unique strengths and weaknesses and responding and planning for their individual needs.

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